Carvin SX300E Amp-100W

  • HKD2,330.00 HKD5,840.00
  • Brand: Carvin
  • Product Code: Carvin SX300E Amp-100W

The SX300 amp is 3 channels offering "tone to the bone" from the heaviest metal to smooth blues. GT12-16 12 inch speaker are featured for their tone. Analog 12AX7 tube harmonic emulation on all three channels. Channel 1 offers deep, thick overdrive and a sensational liquid sustain with the HI-GAIN switch. Channel 2 offers deep, thick overdrive to heavy crunch and upper-midrange grit with the blues switch. Channel 3 delivers clean tones ranging from warm and full to shimmering and glassy. Internal lush effects processor with SmartEffects™ control. Just select an Effect and go to the next channel. SmartEffects™ remembers each channel's effects settings.


- Active tone circuits for individual contour and extreme range
- Each channel features: custom tailored BASS, MID, and Treble controls
- PRESENCE switch on each channel adds shimmering highs at the flick of a switch
- SmartEffects™ - Reverb, Chorus, Flange & Echo with two parameter controls for 256 variations
- Sealed controls, Classic black knobs, Red jewel lamp
- Strong Poplar plywood enclosure - not particle board. 
- Covered in thick black vinyl
- Premium components

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