Apogee Symphony Desktop 發報


Apogee 旗艦 Symphony 系列一向受 Hi-End 用家歡迎,但隨著大型錄音室down sizing,8in 甚至16in 嘅interface 已經差不多成為歷史文物。

但 Apogee Semi-Pro 嘅Duet 同 Quartet 又未必滿足到專業錄音工程師,Apogee 只好將 Symphony size down,成為全新的家族成員 Symphony Desktop。

Full Spec :

  • 10-in/14-out desktop USB-C audio interface
  • Symphony AD/DA conversion yields hyper-realistic sound quality at up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • 2 mic preamps with Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture and up to 75dB of gain ensure clean, low-distortion results
  • Variable impedance settings on both mic and instrument inputs optimize their input stage to match your specific device
  • Alloy Mic Preamp emulation employs analog circuitry and digital processing to give you ultra-authentic modeling
  • Run Apogee FX plug-ins (sold separately) via built-in DSP or natively within your DAW
  • Native, Print, and DualPath modes provide flexible recording, monitoring, and processing workflows
  • Comes with Apogee’s ECS Channel Strip plug-in with superb-sounding EQ, compression, and saturation
  • Included ECS Channel Strip plug-in works in tandem with the microphone preamp emulations, arming you with a range of sonic colors
  • Also includes Symphony Reverb native plug-in
  • An array of analog and digital I/O options makes integration with your studio a breeze
  • Dynamic touchscreen display supplies intuitive operation right from your desktop
  • Unique hardware-software integration with Apple Logic Pro X gives you an incredibly streamlined workflow

縱合來說,Symphony Desktop 提供兩個Symphony Mic Pre,可載入 Apogee Alloy Preamp emulation,Built-in DSP 可處理自家FX,並提供實時 Monitoring。

預計售價:$1299USD / $1399 w/ FX Pack

嘩,咪仲貴過…佢個強勁嘅競爭對手 UA Apollo?