Apple Logic 更新10.5(NI用家切勿Update)!


Apple 啱啱噚日Update 咗Logic 上10.5。

更新入面,整合咗Garage Band Live Loop 嘅功能,可以將Loop Samples 放入一個框,一個Scene 一個Scene 㩒掣去Trigger(即係將Ableton Live 嘅 work-flow 擺埋入Logic 

最誇張係可以用iOS 下載 Apple Remote,用iPad、iPhone 去Trigger、加Effects。Apple Remote 有兩個XY Controller,對應 Gyroscope,拎斜部機就可以同時控制兩個XY Pad。


  • Flextime 自動對齊Loop Sample 長度、速度
  • 自動Midi-sample 轉換
  • Quick Sampler 可以Drag and drop 用sample 變instrument
  • Drum Machine Designer 可以Drag and drop load sample 做鼓
  • 新增 2500 Loop Samples、70 套Drum Kits、150節奏、旋律Midi Loop

但係,Native Instruments 向所有用家建議切勿跟車太貼,有Plugins 撞updates 自爆,請等NI update Plugins

Hi there, 
Apple recently released an update to Logic Pro X – Logic Pro X 10.15.

If you’re using MASSIVE X, CRUSH PACK, MOD PACK, REPLIKA or REPLIKA XT, you might encounter some issues or crashes after updating. 

We’re already working on a fix, which we’ll share with you as soon as we can. Check our support area for the latest.

We’ll keep you updated. 

Best wishes,
Native Instruments