Albion AG80DFX Black Hybrid Guitar Amplifier

  • HKD1,300.00 HKD4,870.00

The Albion AG Series AG80DFX 80W Guitar Combo Amp combo amps features a very unique “hybrid” preamplifier section combining high voltage FETs (field effect transistors) and a 12AX7/ECC83 tube. This special circuit is supplied with a high voltage dc supply, again pretty unique in small guitar amplifiers. This combination of circuit gives great tube tone, as it should because it is pretty much a valve circuit. The special high voltage FET that we use is the closest electronic device to an actual valve, but without some of the drawbacks of using an actual valve (cost, heat, high parts count), and will give reliable performance without worry to you, but giving very much a valve like tone in its performance.

The power amplifier circuits of the AG80DFX uses a solid state power amp circuit that also has some “tweaks” that lead to a very convincing valve-like tone.

The AG80DFX has a full two channel control line-up of consisting of NORMAL channel and OVERDRIVE channel giving you a very wide range of tones from Clean to Crunch to very serious Overdrive.

Each channel has a full complement of GAIN, VOLUME, TREBLE, MIDDLE and BASS controls. The two channels are footswitchable for full access to these sounds. This is complemented by the in-built digital reverb circuit (also footswitchable).

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