Studiologic SL88 Grand

Studiologic SL88 Grand

  • HKD5,900.00 HKD7,200.00

Product Overview

More than 30 years of experience in exclusive keybeds meets an all new, powerful operating system.Perfect to give you control of your hardware and virtual instruments, all in a refreshingly new way. The new user interface is perfect for quick setup and also powerful enough to give you excellent in depth control of your system

The SL88 Grand uses our best graded hammer action keyboard with Ivory Touch and wooden keys, giving you the natural feeling of a grand piano, with 3 contacts per key for superior performance. Additionally the exclusive Key-Balance function allows to adjust the balance between white and black keys, or to finetune each key individually.

Key Features:

  • Graded Hammer Action keyboard with Wooden keys and Ivory Touch
  • 3 contacts per key with note-on and note-off velocity + Aftertouch
  • Innovative 6-way control knob [4 direction switches + 1 rotating encoder + 1 push button]
  • 3 function buttons
  • 4 programmable zones
  • 4 programmable pedals connections
  • 3 programmable sticks controllers
  • TFT Color graphic display [320x420] with intuitive navigation
  • Editing and programming software for computers and tablets
  • User programmable key balance and 6 editable velocity curves
  • Magnetic rail system to adapt a music rack or a plate for laptops and tablets


  • 1260mm x 310mm x 110mm [49.6" x 12.2" x 4.33"]
  • 20.8kg [45.85 lbs]

    Compelling reasons to buy

    A product that could have no competitors, considering the wooden keys, the easy and powerful user interface, four programmable zones and four programmable pedals, with dedicated software editors allowing to program any detail and set programs to control any modern hardware or computer virtual instruments, with a unique design and state of the art technology.

    The only product on the market which, thanks to a series of dedicated functions [SL TOUCH], is able to modify the sensitivity of each single key, virtually varying its weight.

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