• HKD8,890.00

  • Brand: RME
  • Product Code: ADI-2 DAC FS

The use of an AK4493 (previously 4490) improves the signal-to-noise ratio from 117 dB to

120 db (123 dBA). At the same time, the distortion decreases by about 10 dB, to a fantastic -120 dB at full

digital level. The sensational -118 dBu, which resulted in complete freedom from noise at the IEM output,

is now even better at -120 dBu.


On top there is now an additional headroom of 2.5 dB for the analog outputs XLR, RCA and IEM, which

also raises the undistorted intersample peak limit to a generous +4 dBFS.


While the basic features and functions of the ADI-2 DAC remain unchanged, the device comes with an

extended infrared remote control, the MRC (Multi-Remote-Control) which can remote control up to 4

dierent future RME devices. Currently only the ADI-2 DAC is supported.


The remote control is an extended version of the previous one, with additional buttons designed for the

most commonly used functions, namely switching loudness, parametric EQ, and bass/treble on and o.

In addition, there are keys for direct control of bass, treble and balance.


With these additional keys, all typically used functions of the device are now directly accessible.

The four programmable buttons 1 through 4, a unique feature already of the original remote, can

still be programmed with a personal selection of 32 commands/actions.

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